Acute LD50

Acute Oral Lethal Dose 50   / Oral LD50 / oral median lethal dose

Acute oral lethal dose or LD50 is procedure done to new drugs , substance or compound to check the hazard level of the said item. In essence LD50 is defined as “dose of a sample that is lethal to 50 % of the animals being tested. Through the years a variation of LD50 test has been develop for animal welfare consideration.

If you want to conduct a ld50 test then you can use any of the following procedure:

  1. Up and down method.
  2. Acute Toxic Class  method
  3. Fixed dose procedure

Before you can conduct any test dealing with animals you need to comply with  your local/national laws. Usually before any scientific research regarding animal is conducted the protocol should be reviewed by the IACUC ( institutional animal care and use committee) to is to ascertain that no animal welfare laws are being violated on the conduct of the scientific procedure also the IACUC will determine whether you have the proper laboratory for the conduct of the test.

In some countries establishing a laboratory facility for animals is regulated, hence; all requirement should be first complied before even thinking of conducting research regarding animals. It is a very tedious process , money and dedication is needed to maintain such facility. If you just to do animal research one time due to requirement of school or for simple business venture (product evaluation) better send your test to third-party research facility that are more capable doing such activity.

In the Philippines there are two possible government facility that can cater to your LD50 needs , one is the Animal Laboratory Facility of the Standard and testing Division of Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology and the other one is the Animal Research Laboratory of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine of the Department of Health.

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